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Ghetto keeps some nice hunnies: Kwa George

Can anything good come from Bethlehem? Can anything good come from Kwa George? Well B1 just found love in the shanty township of Zambia. After travelling the world and seeing girls from all over the world, the musician was all praise for the woman he met at Kwa George in his song named after the township.


Songs such as these usually become hits. This concept can be similar to Kilimu ya Chimalawi where the Aphofomoka duo was praising the Malawian woman. It could also be similar to Chule by Lucius Banda where a woman from a nice suburb marries a guy from Mtandire.

The surprising thing is this song does not have that upbeat bass that is unique to Zambian Nyanja music, however it is a club banger. Some others have justified the makes it a club banger which makes imbibers and club patrons chant Kwa Joji even when they do not know what the song is about.

The song has become a sensation such that it tops the charts of the most played song on radio stations, minibuses, pubs and even weddings. The song becomes alive once you equate Kwa Joji with Mtandire or Chemusa townships. Now imagine some globe trotter who has travelled in most countries and has seen a lot of races of women in different packages, yet still chooses the woman from one of these shanty townships.

The auto-tune is the song is something that makes it a uniquely a B1 song. However, there is some kind monotony as far as Zambian music is concerned yet it is also the same factor that distinguishes it from the rest of music from other countries. My take is that Like many Zambian songs, this song is overrated.


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