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Mayi ako ndinawaonapo?–Mwano hitmaker

By Our reporter 

Drake once said “I was not hiding my son from the world I was hiding the world from my son.” Well Malawi’s Hip-hop artist-Martse seems not to be hiding neither the child or the world to him. Lately the artist has been showing his child on social media.

On Saturday of 7 September, Martse posted on his Facebook account “Nthawi yobisa Zoti ndili ndi mwana ndilibe” ( i don’t have time to hide that i have a Child).

martse’s post

One of his fan can now relate with the quote “zinazi umangoona waziyamba” by Izeki as he started criticizing the artist for not showing the baby mama to the public.

“Koma muzitionetsa ndi mayi ake omwe” ( you should also be showing us the mother of that child,” Wrote the fan, Omegah Hoyi Omega.

The Mwano hit-maker who is well known for his savage replies on social media, simply asked the fan whether he has ever shown him his mother.

The response of the award winning rapper attracted mixed reactions of his fans.


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