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The cost of Bad Decisions

Reviewed by Kamzati II

80s babies will agree that it is a bit hard to listen to the sccrrrscrr music otherwise known as trap. Most of these songs don’t make sense it’s just mumbling. With this background, you already know what I was expecting the first time I got hold of Charisma’s Bad Decisions. I was expecting the worst.
The first song Blessed Up did not catch my attention; to me, it is one of those. It was the song Family that got my attention. Not only because it is not on one of those trap beats, but also because the rap was slow I could hear everything word for word. The producer couldn’t pick the right tempo for the song.
The other song that captured my attention was Gangsta Rasta but it is mainly because of the vibe that Provoice brought. However, on this one Charisma delivered well as well. Well, the message is the usual scrrscrr! message: girls and booze.
On the song, Henry dedicated to his deceased father I think he lost an opportunity on the hook as it is not that strong.
On Murdah featuring Malinga, is a good song. It sounds more like a Malinga Mafia Song than a Charisma song. Malinga really murdered this one while Charisma tried to keep up. You can feel the effort.
Classic rapped so emphatically the song Past Tense I feel he was misplaced in that song. The song completely changes when it reaches his bars. It feels like a different song.
Lastly, I think it’s a bad decision for Charisma to rap in English his flow comes out nice when he raps in English. Next time he should not release an album; some artists are just not for singles. I only picked two songs from the whole album. I think I just made a bad data bundle decision. However, I may not have enjoyed it as much because I belong to the Real Elements generation. it didnt have enough Charisma for me. A bad decision cost me a bundle.

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