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Nyasa Wokoma launches next month

By Zaithwa Kamanga      

With the political landscape being fragile, Mash (real name Mashallo Samilo), poet an musician has decided to divert the attention from the negative vibe by launching a poetry book, Wakoma Nyasa which aims at appreciating the beauty of Malawi.

Samilo’s seven chaptered book will be launched at Jacaranda Cultural Center in Blantyre.

Wakoma Nyasa which took the author 5 years of writing, is a 93 poem collection with an overriding theme of the beauty Malawian culture.

“The show is set for October 26. It is all about Malawian traditions and culture. This I believe will help impart our cultural values and customs to the youth,” said Samilo.

Tsambalikagwa Mvona, president of Malawi Writers Union of Malawi and other prominent figures in Malawi’s literature fraternity are expected to attend the launch.

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