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Tadikira kokwana koma Kabitchi takolora

If not one of the most anticipated unions, Tadikira put a ring on it and let all the hopefuls go to bed ladened with tears an Epic April fools show.

Over the weekend Mangochi, we have witnessed a love story come true and all other cities mourn and cry over spilt Milk. It was a spectacular event graced by renowned socialites and of course our former head of state. The Queen, dressed in body hugging dresses carefully knitted to match the contours of her beautiful body, ready to claim her throne besides the heir apparent for good. The same could be said of our very own Tadikira who was dressed in somewhat unusual attire but nevertheless that screamed money. The two have so far made it more public that they are moving forward and battle has been won leaving so many casualties and broken hearts along the way.

Senior bachelor entertained the guests by singing his hit songs. We can only pray he has gotten the impartation of marriage anointing or at least courtship. As for the former vice Mayor of Lilongwe city plans are underway because he is not shaken at all.

To all those that wished bad for the queen we can just say, it’s time to move on and find another man, but as you do that pray you find your own.

We celebrate this union and May they live happily ever after.

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