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Music saved me from myself

By Mayamiko Seyani

Famous musician Provoice (real name Lameck Mwenewanda) has come out of his shell to reveal his darkest moments. The Barbershop hitmaker has told The Groupie that he could have been part of the 128 deaths of statistics that The Nation published if it was not for music. Shocking right?


Provoice says that he went through a long depression from 2011 to 2015 soon after the death of his father.

“I could cry just to sleep. I hated everything. I lost interest in most things. However, my escape was the studio so I could go to Cuff B’s and stay there the whole day and come back around 10 pm and just sleep. My mother was worried that I was never home,” he said.

During this time, he says he had to drop out of school because his mother could not afford to pay school fees for him his two siblings.

After all this, I wrote a song Days Affi Better which later became the intro to my latest album Knock it 1966.

The velvety voiced has partnered with The Groupie to produce a documentary titled Days Affi Better which takes his fans through his depression and his recovery to the making of Knock It 1966.


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