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“No one gifted it to me”

By our Reporter

As Patience Namadingo is enjoying the hype his latest effort, Ng’wing’wi has brought, he is also harvesting from the fruits of his labour.

A day after releasing Ng’wing’wi video, Patience on Monday, displayed his new acquisition, a BMW Dolphin, 3 series. In the video, Patience boasted in an exotic accent, that he has added the car to his already existing collection (which had one car a Benz).

“Yeah so after too much work and travelling the world, I decided to self-compensate (I believe he meant reward) ….I drove about 1057 kilometres to Blantyre, Malawi …there is just something about working hard and buying your own stuff…nobody gifted it to me.” Said the Ng’wing’wi hitmaker who couldn’t contain himself.

Patience has recently released Ng’wing’wi music video and has sparked mixed reactions with the majority of women praising him while the majority of men are saying “akufuna atamike” However they all agree it is a great peace of work.

watch video below

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