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Lulu to take Better in Your Arms across borders

By our reporter

If Better in your Arms’ launch is anything to go by, it is safe to say Lulu is one of the greatest musical geniuses Malawi has ever had. His Charisma, dancing antics, guitar wizardly and smooth vocals complete Lulu as one of the greatest in the industry. With all the excitement that surrounds the album, Lulu doesn’t seem to stop. He has disclosed to The Groupie that he will be on Album tour covering all the regions in Malawi and later taking it across the borders mainly South Africa and later other countries.

“I do music for my fans and I just have to give my talents, Better in Your Arms is for them, with them i have attain my dreams, hence going on tour for my fans” He said.

Lulu real name Lawrence Khwisa has further described the launch as a success and expressed optimism that the feeling will continue in other cities.

“It was a success fiesta, the feeling was good the energy the act by performers was on point, this is what we call Music, and am very optimistic that the fans will continue to support me in other Cities.  They just need to come in large numbers as usual to experience the magic,” said Lulu.

Other artists in support of the launch were B1 of the Kwa George fame from Zambia, one of Malawi’s Best stage act Skefa Chimoto AKA the dancing machine, Dan Chazama, Kell Kay and Ro Kho.

Kell Kay one of the supporting artists
B1 of the Kwa George fame to support the tour

Lulu who rose to stardom with his Magwiragwira Decades ago says Better in your Arms brings out the best of his Talent.

“This is me, if you listen to it, it will remind you who LuLu is, gospel is my thing since childhood,  it brings out the best of me”

He added “The only way to show love to art is by buying a copy of the CD”

Ben Phiri who is a Member of parliament and also Minister responsible for Local Government was the highest bidder at the CD auction buying it at an amount which he refused to disclose.

But Despite the launch, Lulu bemoans the trend of Piracy saying it demotivates artists in the country.

“By now Piracy would have been a thing of the past, but we still talking of it, it demotivates us, Malawians should start loving art by saying “no” to Piracy” bemoaned Lulu.

Better in Your Arms which has songs like Hannah and Undipweteka is available in CDs and on online platforms.11


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