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From Mang’ina vendor to musician 

By Mayamiko Seyani

She may seem all glitz and glamourous now but she has not been all that glamourous before everybody knew her. Just like fine gold, Beanca had to go through fire to be purified as the entertainer. Beanca Precious Kapachika, popularly known by her first name Beanca in the music industry says her life story has contributed a lot to her music and her stage persona. She says she had a very tough upbringing and that her way to the top even in the music industry has not been easy. 

Being the last born in a family the demise of her father at the age of 10 hit her the hardest. The artist says she did not see any light as she had to skip school sometimes to sell charcoal and Mang’ina just to add more income to the family.  

“Despite that fact that we were only two children in the house, our extended family was too big for my mother to support so we had to help her with her business,” explains the Sugar hit-maker.

Beanca said she started dating at a very young age and this was approved by her mother as well because there was no hope for her and her first lover who is also father to her child promised to take care of her.

“He promised to pay my school fees so my mom and I were okay with this because my mother could not manage to pay school fees. I did well with my secondary school come out with 28 points and then soon after completion of secondary school, I got pregnant. Dreams of going to college were shattered. Because of that and I decide to go back to the village to stay with my grandmother,” narrates the self-acclaimed Malawian dancehall godmother.  

Beanca: I started dating at a young age

After a couple of years, Beanca made another trip back to Blantyre. While there she joined a WhatsApp group and a certain lady Sylvania Phiri promised to assist her and sacrificed her pocket money amounting to K60,000 and gave it to Beanca as capital to start a business

“I have grown that K60,000 and now it has grown into millions in capital and revenue,” says Beanca. 

“While staying in town I started paying attention to Malawian music. Started performing and all went down when a certain online publication wrote a bad story about me. The story claimed I was HIV positive. I called the editors and challenged to sue them. Some well-wishers who are also lawyers were ready to represent me in court pro-bono. But the issue was settled outside court and no charges were laid,” she says.

Beanca says she is grateful for what music and business has done to her as she can pay school fees for her daughter and pay her bills and rentals in Area 47. She says she has been able to acquire two plots at only 22 years. 

“My plans for music are endless because I see everything as a business. Music is also my business. I only need to invest more to get where I want to be. In every situation remember there is God and He’s always willing to be part of your journey so, don’t and never hesitate talk to God daily and one day your dreams will come to pass,” says the Sugar hitmaker.

Beanca promises his fans that she is releasing an EP titled My Story on 24th December which she is working with different producers with Henwood as the master producer.

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